Welcome to Monroe Foundation for Youth - An excellent and well-dedicated Autism and At-Risk Youth foundation in PA!
​Here at Monroe Foundation for Youth, we're 100% dedicated to helping families obtain services for at-risk youth and youth on the autism spectrum. We can make the challenge bearable for you by offering a diverse range of free services. In this case, you no longer have to worry about any costs. All of our learning programs were developed from years of constant study and research. We don't just build a program and introduce it to children . Rather, we study all aspects necessary so that we can provide the best guidance that your child needs. 

Founded in 2009, Monroe Foundation for Youth is always willing to help families in any way they can. Since Monroe Foundation understands the challenges that many children face, it was able to create different solutions that can improve a child's personal and psychosocial growth. Monroe Foundation can help your child in many possible ways. Through routine interventions, the foundation can come up with the proper learning framework which incorporates all helpful concepts and parameters. Monroe Foundation for Youth also uses a systematized behavior modification plan to further help  children. This plan is not forceful. Rather, it is flexible and full of wonderful activities to keep children organized. Monroe Foundation for Youth's  behavior support service is one of the best at-risk youth and autism methodologies that you'll see in the industry today.

​​Monroe Foundation for Youth can help you in many possible ways. We can do personal interventions to assess the current state and capabilities of your child. Through interventions, we'll know the kind of learning framework that your child would actually need. We also have different social skills groups that will help your child in understanding social cues, adaptation, and socializing with others. Each group that we run is taught and maintained by a teacher with a Master's degree. Our step-by-step behavior modification plan contains all factors and parameters that will develop your child's behavior firmly. We've designed our plans and programs in a way that children will understand and have fun. Creativity is also one of our pursuits. We believe that through 

You deserve a helping hand and we have you covered. Contact Monroe Foundation for Youth today!
Meet The Team
Tamara Monroe
Founder/Executive Director

Tamara Monroe is a happily married mother of five children. She teaches Intro to Psychology at a local university and is a Licensed Behavior Specialist Consultant and Mobile Therapist with a Graduate  degree in Psychology. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family. Some of her hobbies include photography, reading, singing and dancing with her children.

Lolita Johnson
Board Member
Lolita Graham Johnson earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in criminal justice from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She has volunteered with the Girls Scouts of America and traveled abroad as a mentor with a youth organization. She joined the Board of Directors of The Monroe Foundation for Autism in 2012 and continues to be an active community service volunteer. Lolita resides in Delaware with her husband and two children.
Cheryl Schoell
Board Member
A native of Levittown, PA Cheryl Schoell has been associated with the Monroe Foundation since its inception in 2009. She started out as a volunteer and has now become the donation coordinator for the their annual summer raffle. She holds an AA degree in Early Childhood, a BS degree in Child Study and is also certified nursery school/kindergarten teacher. She is currently employed for the local Head Start agency where she teaches preschool age children that come from low income/poverty level families. 
Jasmin Johnson
Board Member

Jazmin Johnson received a Bachelor of Science Degree in psychology with a minor in speech pathology from Howard University. She earned the Gold Award from the Girls Scouts of America in 2008 and continued to volunteered throughout her collegiate years. She currently is employed as a youth family specialist where she advocates for at risk youth. Jazmin joined the Board of Directors of The Monroe Foundation for Autism in 2012.

Carla Reynolds
Board Member

Carla Reynolds is currently the chair of fundraising for the Monroe Foundation, and has held this position since the organization's inception in 2009. She is an advocate for young women and children.She is a Certified Program Specialist for Special Education Children.  She has also volunteered work for a Women’s Place and NJ Blind Children’s Society in Trenton, NJ,& Easter Seals. She currently works as a Supervisor for the Southeatern Council of Bucks.