Youth Services
​- One-on-one personal interventions: Professional intervention is important in determining the best services for a child with autism. Our years of expertise help us conduct excellent professional intervention groups that will benefit your childs skills.

​- Behavior modification plan: Through our step-by-step behavior modification plan, we can help your child improve his/her personal skills and social skills. We understand that the process can't be rushed. Every strategy and approach will adhere to our behavior modification plan. 

​​- Behavior monitoring: Before we introduce a methodology group to any child, we carefully monitor his/her behavior. Our monitoring parameters are not stressful so that the child won't be anxious.

- Updated training module: To further aid your child, we gladly offer an updated training module with detailed activities, group support and coverage. We will also outline the strategies that must be applied to the development of your child. Here at Monroe Foundation, we truly care.
Social Skills Groups
​- Social activities: Through exciting social activities and group activities, your child will learn how to work with peers and solve many problems. Our list of social activities will definitely contribute to the wellbeing of your child. 

​- Creative & sensory activities: Creativity is one of the gateways to the mind of a child with autism. Through our creative-based activities, your child can unleash his/her inner talents without being judged or compromised. 
​- General autism consultation: If you have questions and concerns about autism and how to deal with it, we can give you answers. Reach out to us and our representatives will talk to you how to really get a handle on the care of a child with autism.

​If you want to know more about any of our services, you may reach us at (267)580-9291. You may also send a detailed email inquiry at [email protected]